Tools and Articles for Webmasters and SEO’s

From AWStats to Excel

Discover our aws2xls. This Windows application reads AWStats data files and converts them into the .xls file format used by Excel and OpenOffice.

Extend the capabilities of AWStats and generate long manageable reports of up to 65000 rows in Excel format with aws2xls/PRO.

We have created a set of AWStats extra sections for our own use. You are welcome to download them for free and use in your AWStats configuration.

Statistics for IP Audio/Video Streaming

Our StreamAnalyst products support live and on-demand streaming. Generated reports include simultaneous connections, new sessions, active sessions, average number of listeners/viewers, unique users, countries, regions, cities, time spent,… Reports can be generated per channel or group of channels or even per video for VOD servers.

AWStats Forum

Our AWStats Forum gives you the opportunity to share your experience and ask any question about our add-ons and extra sections or about the installation of AWStats on your server.

Do you need more help with your AWStats setup ?
We will connect to your server and install or fine tune AWStats for you.
Explain your needs in our on-line form
and we will promptly take care of your AWStats.

Redirect Checker

Checking redirects is now as easy as 1 2 3, even if you are not a HTTP-header guru !

Our tool to check redirects analyses the HTTP-header and the page contents and identifies in seconds 301 and 302 redirects and HTML redirects (meta refresh).

Title and META “Description” Optimizer

Your meta descriptions should be useful and appealing to the users, says Google. Like Google, our new META “Description” Test truncates long titles and descriptions and shows them as they could appear in a page of search results.

Optimize them and improve your click through rate !

SEO Articles

Discover what characters you should use or not use within a URL if you want to make sure Google recognizes your keywords.

Also, all you ever wanted to know about redirects and search engines is here in a suite of three articles.

RegEx Tester

Our Regular Expression Tester is ready. Test a regex against 5 character strings and immediately view the results, including the captured elements.

Do you spend too much time checking and rechecking regex in programs and config files ? Then, this tool will save your precious time.

Robots Encyclopedia

Our Web Robots Encyclopedia is not the most complete web robots list, but it is the most useful.

It includes the User Agent, the name of the owner, an informative URL, the function of the robot, the type of robot (probe or spider), means to exclude it from your site and more.