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Do you need help with your AWStats setup ?

We develop extra sections and plugins and many other AWStats add-ons. We will fine tune AWStats according to your requirements. If you need it, we will install it on your server. Explain your requirements in our on-line form and we will take care of your AWStats setup.

We help AWStats customers all over the world. Our range of services is described in our AWStats Installation and Customization page .

aws2xls, from AWStats to Excel

aws2xls is a Windows application that reads AWStats data files and converts their contents into the .xls file format used by Excel and OpenOffice.

Each AWStats data file contains the statistical information collected during one month. For every AWStats data file, aws2xls creates an Excel workbook including around 20 spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets cover domains, files, OS, browsers, robots, origin, search engines, referrers, keyphrases, keywords, errors, 404, visitors, days, hours, sessions, URL’s,… Reports in each spreadsheet are sorted up to the 1000th most significant result.

aws2xls/PRO extends the capabilities of AWStats and aws2xls by generating sorted reports of up to 65000 rows (keywords, URL’s, referrers,…).

AWStats Plugins

After spending hours tuning AWStats to the needs of multiple web sites, we have written these plugins that make AWStats more useful for many users.

  • AWStats Follow Me adds click path analysis. Follow a visitor from page to page during his visit to your website.
  • AWStats Referrers by Domain generates an additional report showing the referrers sorted by domain and subdomain.

Extra Sections

From time to time, we write new Extra Sections for customers and for our own use.

  • Keywords by Search Engine
    With distinct lists of search engine phrases for every major search engine, you discover that successful keywords can be different for Google, Yahoo! Search and (formerly MSN Search). You can make your own selection of search engines. You can also split results by country (search engine top level domain) :,,,,…
  • Hits on Images
    If images are an important part of your web site, you need to know which ones are the most popular.
  • Keyphrases and Keywords from Google Image
    Keywords and keyphrases used for Google Image searches are not included in the standard list of keyphrases and keywords from search engines provided by AWStats.
  • HTTP Error Drilldown Functionality
    A detailed report about any HTTP error including URL’s, number of errors and date and time of last error.
  • Hotlinking Pages
    The standard AWStats referrers list includes normal referrers, as well as pages with direct “hot” links to images, movies and other multimedia contents. For some sites, it is important to trace these hot linking pages.

AWStats Forum

Our AWStats Forum is an excellent free resource to share your experience and questions with other AWStats users. Feel free to ask any question about our add-ons and extra sections or just about the installation and setup of AWStats on your server.

About AWStats

AWStats is a free high quality server logfile analyzer. Available web statistics include visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, browsers, search engines, keywords, robots visits, broken links and more.

AWStats is available for download from

AWStats capabilities can be expanded with Plugins, Add-ons and Extra Sections:

  • an Extra Section is a small piece of code that you can add at the end of your awstats.your-domain-name.conf configuration file.
  • our AWStats Day by Day Add-on is a set of JavaScript programs making it easy to navigate between AWStats daily and monthly reports.
  • Plugins are programs that improve the presentation of results in standard AWStats reports.

24 Responses to “AWStats”

  1. Jessica Pederson says:

    What do I need to do in Awstats to track who is accessing certain pages and for how long?

  2. Jean-Luc says:

    Hi Jessica,

    This is an example of an extra section to track who is accessing my page “/seo-tool/redirect-check/”:

    ExtraSectionName1="Who is accessing /seo-tool/redirect-check/ ?"
    ExtraSectionCodeFilter1="200 304"

    You cannot precisely measure how long a visitor remains on a page. There is no provision in AWStats to make an estimate for a given page, but the “Visits duration” report provides a global estimate for all the web site.

  3. Web says:

    Do you know how to monitor multiples sites at the same time with AWSTATS?

  4. Jean-Luc says:

    In most cases, it is sufficient to define a different AWStats configuration file for each site you want to monitor.

  5. Whisha says:

    create configs and make tasks for each site
    0 * * * * dir/ -update >/dev/null
    for exemple

  6. Tim says:

    Need help in filing in missing stats from May and June 2007. Not sure what to run on the command line in a windows 2k server. When I try, awstats just updates the previous day and does not go back 6 weeks to fill in all the weeks. I moved May and June out of the data directory so that it had a clear shot for a update, but it doesn’t do what I need.

    Question moved to our AWStats & IIS forum: Need help in filing in missing stats from May and June 2007.

  7. RoyB says:

    Within my site, I’d like to track which department gets the majority of hits. Say my site is similar to a newspaper, USNews, WorldNews, Local, Sports, etc. I put each article in a separate directory under the root. How can I tell how many hits are coming in to each area? Advertisers will pay more knowing their ads are seen more in the sports than Local news. TIA, Roy

  8. Jean-Luc says:


    I just added a new extra section to answer your question:
    AWStats Stats by Directory.

    It should do what you are asking for.

  9. Nick says:

    Hi Jean-Luc,

    Great plugin! Keep up the good work mate!

    I have a question. Under the “Links from an external page (other websites except search engines)” section I see a web site which is basically not allowed to link or refer to my website (or its content). How can I ban/restrict this site to disallow access to my websites content?

    I see something like “” in that section. I have already put a referrer check in my web pages to see if the referrer is that domain and then restrict access, but it doesn’t help. I can still see their daily hits increasing. Btw, I’m using awstats on Windows, and my webpages are in ASP.NET.

    Please suggest a good solution to this problem.


    Question moved to our AWStats Referrers Add-ons forum: links not allowed to refer to my website.

  10. SengAun Ong says:


    Your summary has saved me time to understand AWStats. AWStats website has a lot of info that I did not know where to start when I tried to understand it, keke.


    Even a little-known website that does not do much promotion like mine has this problem. It cannot do much harm to your website besides giving inaccurate visitor stat (you have to do the minus operation manually) and eating some bandwidth. I think they do that so that webmasters visit their website. And if your stat page is available publicly (I do not see any reason of making a stat page public), such promotion will be even bigger. It is called referrer spam. It is extremely easy to spam in this way. You need to learn basic Perl programming to write scripts to block them.

  11. Rahul says:


    We are a youth debating website who use Awstats.

    We have noticed that the server page featuring the stats info is included in the pages viewed section even though results from our office proxy IP address should not be included.

    Only three people have logins for the stats and none of us really view the pages outside of work so it is strange that these pages are being viewed in this way and are appearing in our stats.

    Kind regards

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: strange stats.

  12. abhishek says:

    hi every body
    how we configure the awstats report for one day and how we block any url from my site not come to this report

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: configuration questions.

  13. Hartwell says:

    May I say I am very impressed with the honesty and integrity of the support staff you have.

    I’ve dealt with many major support forums where the moderators are rude and really do not want to be there helping. If they cannot solve your problem, they solve it – remove your access to ask.

    It is refreshing to deal with support people whose goal is support.

    I have been very impressed by your support and insight to user problems.

  14. Eddie says:

    In my AWSTATS last visit column there are a number of IP addresses that show no last visit time and date. Pasted below are some of the stats. The ones on top show time and date in the column then the ones below show no time and date. Is this something I can configure to track or not? 1 12 87.92 KB 02 Jun 2008 – 03:17 1 2 17.08 KB 02 Jun 2008 – 15:13 1 23.22 KB – 1 23.22 KB – 1 23.22 KB – 1 23.22 KB – 1 23.22 KB –

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: no last visit time and date.

  15. Sinterklaas says:

    We have a problem installing AwSTATS although it is installed it does not seem to recognize countries? Is this a commonly known problem? Thanks!

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: AWStats does not recognize countries.

  16. Sravan says:

    Hi Jean,

    I’m trying to use Extra section to 2 of my URL parameters, if they are equal and their ranking.
    For example:
    On the above URL, i would like to track the How many times param1 and param2 have the same value (in this case the value AA).
    I tried with different configs, but no use.

    Please help me.

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: Looking for equal parameters in URL.

  17. Tom Williams says:

    Is there a public listing of the top companies using AWStats (Fortune 500 Preferred)?

    That would provide some needed support of our use of this tool at our corporate office.



  18. Jean-Luc says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have been personally involved in AWStats installations in all kind of companies, from publicly traded companies to one man shops, but I don’t have a public listing of large AWStats users.

  19. brad says:

    What time is refered in the hours chart, please?

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: Time in the hours chart.

  20. Linda says:

    Can AWStats track unique visits per page? In the “Pages-URL” section, I am looking at the “viewed” number, which (please correct me if I’m wrong) is the page hits number, that is, it includes page refreshes. So it’s possible to get a lot of “views” of the same page within 5 minutes from the same IP Address/Browser, if the person viewing the page hits refresh a lot in quick succession. Is it possible to restrict the number of page views only to those new hits that occur only after a certain interval, say an hour, from the same IP address? Is this information available in the http logs? Thank you.

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: unique visits per page.

  21. Linda says:

    Hello. If you have several people on a network, or through a proxy address, or some sort of IP address masqueraded subnet, will they all get counted as one visit from the same visitor, even though they are from different people/nodes on the same subnet? Thank you.

    Question moved to our AWStats forum: several visitors at the same IP address.

  22. vicky9 says:

    I need help on that Section Pages-URL (Top 10)-can we change it to top 30 or 40…?

    1. Can I customize the report in way so that only required links/Pages should be showing in report , so that we can avoid looking on not required pages in report..?

    2. Now I m able to customize the report with the help of plug-in urlalias..but is it possible if I can get the business friendly name and URL in two different columns..? because now it is showing both in same column..?

    Question moved to our forum about AWStats and IIS: Pages-URL.

  23. vicky9 says:

    One big problem is like in my webserver log file there are some logs for single page like one log entry is and another log entry is ..and m doing parsing using logresolvemerge (because m prasing logs from two of my webservers on loadbalancer)..but in report its treating as 2 different pages for single page/Dir like MF/mf.list and mf/mf.list both are same and should come in 1 entry in pages url section

    How can I solve this kind of descripencies..?

    Question moved to our forum about AWStats and IIS: different entries for lower case and upper case URLs.

  24. inspidi says:

    I have to make a report of how many new users have visited a Lotus Domino hosted site. The Domino log file mentions 12 fields, one of which is the username. Is there any means to make a report which shows the user name? Or possibly to get the whole log string rather than a field enumerated in the help section of the config file? Thanks for your help.

    Question moved to our forum about Extra Sections: report which shows the user name.


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