AWStats Referrers Add-on (referrers by domain)

The AWStats Referrers Add-on is not available anymore.

It is replaced by an AWStats plugin (AWStats Referrers by Domain Plugin)
and an extra section (Extra Section, Referring Google Domains).

AWStats provides a standard list of referrers. There is a different entry in the list for each page linking to your site. In many cases, it is interesting to have a more global picture of the referring sites, without the page by page details.

The presentation of these new reports will look familiar to AWStats users. Our AWStats Referrers Add-on adds three pages to the well known AWStats reports :

  • a summary page
  • a search engines page
  • a page about the other referrers

Our add-on can be installed in seconds. It does not change the standard AWStats capabilities.

New report

AWStats Referrers Add-on

Free Download and Installation

For license terms, download service, installation instructions and technical details, check our Referrers Add-on Installation Page.

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