AWStats Day by Day

AWStats reports typically show statistics accumulated over a calendar month. Marketeers and engineers need more accurate data and they ask for detailed reports for every single day. This is difficult to get in most AWStats installations. And when you finally get it, you cannot easily switch from daily stats to monthly stats and back.

Our AWStats Day by Day add-on is the better way to obtain daily and monthly AWStats reports with a user-friendly menu to navigate from one report to the other !

AWStats Day by Day screenshot


  • Day of month Menu for easy navigation from one day to the other
  • Back to monthly report Link to return to the monthly reports
  • Same config file for daily and monthly reports.
  • 100% compatible with major browsers: tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera
  • 100% AWStats compatible: no need to patch AWStats program files
  • It’s free!


AWStats Day by Day 1.0 is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. You may not remove or hide the link to the InternetOfficer web site. Contact us at if you would like to use the software under other license terms.


Please read the license terms before you download the software. If you do not agree with these terms, do not download or use the software.

If you agree with these terms, you may download AWStats Day by Day 1.00.

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For installation instructions and technical details, visit our AWStats Day by Day Installation Page.

For comments and questions, please use the AWStats Day by Day Forum.