AWStats Day by Day installation

The features of the software, with a screenshot, are presented in our main page about AWStats Day by Day, an AWStats add-on that effectively combines daily and monthly statistics.


This installation guide assumes that AWStats is already installed on your web server.

Step 1

Once you have downloaded AWStats Day by Day to your hard drive, you first need to decompress it. An “unzip” utility is included in many Windows version. So you only need to double click on the file name (

The zipped package contains two files:

  • day-by-day-head.js
  • day-by-day-end.js
Step 2

Your existing AWStats installation uses a configuration file, called awstats.MY-SITE.conf, where MY-SITE is replaced by the name of your web site. Find it on your server and add these two lines at the end of the file:

HTMLHeadSection="<script language=javascript src="/awstats/js/day-by-day-head.js"></script>"

HTMLEndSection="<script language=javascript src="/awstats/js/day-by-day-end.js"></script>"

Step 3

The URL’s to the JavaScript files are supposed to be /awstats/js/day-by-day-head.js and /awstats/js/day-by-day-end.js. If the directory /awstats/js does not exist in the HTML part of your web site, you can create it now.

If you decide to install these files in another directory, edit HTMLHeadSection and HTMLEndSection accordingly in your AWStats config file.

Step 4

Upload day-by-day-head.js and day-by-day-end.js in /awstats/js or in another directory if you decided to do so in the previous step.

Step 5

The following command can be added to the Task Scheduler (Windows) or to cron (Linux) to automate the generation of the daily stat reports:

perl /PATH-TO/ -config=MY-SITE -databasebreak=day -update

where PATH-TO is the path to and MY-SITE must be the name of your website.

Step 6

You are done. Enjoy!

For comments and questions, please use our AWStats Day by Day Forum.