HTTP Error Drilldown Functionality

AWStats reports include an HTTP Status Codes section. It lists the number of errors for each error code. For the error 404, it lists the URL’s and the last referrers that caused the error. For the other errors, no details are available.

The extra section below lists the URL’s that return any error code of your choice. The number of error hits and the date and time of the last error are also reported.

You can add the Extra Section below at the end of your awstats.your-domain-name.conf configuration file.

New Report

AWStats, detailed error report
This AWStats screen has been simulated for better readability.

Extra Section

ExtraSectionName1="Internal Server Errors (500)"
ExtraSectionFirstColumnFormat1="<A HREF='' TARGET='_blank'>%s</A>"

The ExtraSectionCodeFilter1 and the ExtraSectionName1 can be replaced by any other error number and title.

Replace by the address of your site.

MaxNbOfExtra1 is the number of lines that will be listed. Use the most convenient value.

2 Responses to “HTTP Error Drilldown Functionality”

  1. demarcao says:

    I have added this to my awstats conf. THe status code section says I have 35 500 errors. However, in the drill down none are listed. How can I troubleshoot this? thanks!

  2. Jean-Luc says:

    Data which were already in your AWStats data files before you setup the extra section are not taken into account. You should start seeing data after your next data update.


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