AWStats Plugin, Follow Me

The Follow Me plugin adds click path analysis to AWStats. The click path is the sequence of links followed by a visitor from his/her entry in the site till the end of the visit. The time spent on each page is reported by the plugin. Status codes and methods are also included. Hits that are not pages are reported separately.

This plugin makes your AWStats a stronger web analytics tool. Select a visitor and you get a report that lists the pages he visited and how long he looked at each page.

The plugin can be installed in seconds at any time. It can be used on data that are already in AWStats database files. It does not restrict the standard AWStats capabilities.

The plugin can use the lists of visitors in the “Hosts” section and in extra sections (see Follow Me Plugin and Extra Sections).

New report

By clicking one of the “Zoom” links in the “Follow Me” column, you will open a new window showing the path followed by the visitor in your website.

Follow Me Plugin

Here we follow a visitor who arrived on this site on February 14, searching for “awstats log format” on Google Canada. He promptly went to another page, then left the site. Ten days later, he searched for “perl tester regex” and he landed on the page with our regex checker.

Follow Me Plugin

Free Download and Installation

For license terms, download service, installation instructions and technical details, check our Follow Me Plugin Installation Page.


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