Follow Me Plugin Installation

The main features of the plugin, including a screen shot are presented in our main page about our AWStats Follow Me Plugin.

License terms

The AWStats Follow Me Plugin is available at no charge from InternetOfficer SPRL.

AWStats Follow Me Plugin License


Please read the license terms above before you download the software. If you do not agree with these terms, do not download or use the software.

If you agree with these terms, you may download version 1.30 of the AWStats FollowMe Plugin (Download Here).

Referrers must be enabled in your browser to download our program.


There are just two easy steps:

1. Copy the file that you have downloaded in the plugin directory of AWStats.

2. Add this line to your AWStats config file:


The plugin adds a “Follow Me” column in the report sections that list visitors of the website. Click a “Zoom” link in this column to get the details of the click path followed by the chosen user.

Advanced Technical Details

In version 1.30, the plugin texts are available in English, French and Dutch. Support for other languages can be added in the internetofficer_language_extension_2 function at the end of the plugin.

Static HTML reports cannot use the plugin.

This version of the plugin does not support AWStats DNS lookup.

The plugin collects parts of the information directly from the web server log file defined in the LogFile directive of the AWStats config file. To make it able to collect data in other log files, specify these log files in the LoadPlugin directive. The same syntax can be used for the log file names as in the AWStats LogFile directive. Example:

LoadPlugin="follow_me_by_internetofficer /path_to/%YYYY-48%MM-48%DD-48.txt /path_to/%YYYY-24%MM-24%DD-24.txt"

The Follow Me plugin will read the two log files specified in the LoadPlugin directive and the log file specified in the LogFile directive. The log files will be read in the same order as they appear in the LoadPlugin directive; the log file from the LogFile directive will be the last file to be read.

Use square brackets when the log file specification contains spaces. Example:

LoadPlugin="follow_me_by_internetofficer [gzip -d </path_to/ |]"

The Follow Me plugin can also be used in extra sections. Refer to Follow Me Plugin and Extra Sections for details.


– a clarification message has been added in version 1.10 when a Follow Me report does not contain any data.
– version 1.20 corrects the previous versions that did not show any data when LogFormat=1 was used.
– version 1.30 decodes Google URL’s and clearly shows the keywords searched to reach the site.


For comments and questions, please use the AWStats Plugins Forum.