AWStats Plugin, Referrers by Domain

The Connect to site from section in the AWStats report includes a list of referring pages showing the URL of each referring page with the corresponding number of pages and hits. There is a different entry in the list for each page linking to your site. So a referring site will appear only once in the list if it contains just one page with a link to your site and it will appear several times if it contains many pages linking to you. This makes it difficult to get a global view about the sites linking to you.

Our AWStats plugin shows a list of referring domains and subdomains. For each referring domain, the referring subdomains are listed with the number of referring pages. For each subdomain, the referring pages from that subdomain can be viewed in a popup window (not available in HTML static reports).

The plugin can be installed in seconds. It does not change the standard AWStats capabilities.

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Referrers by Domain

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For license terms, download service, installation instructions and technical details, check our Referrers by Domain Plugin Installation Page.


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