Referrers by Domain Plugin Installation

The main features of the plugin, including a screen shot are presented in our main page about our AWStats Referrers by Domain Plugin.

License terms

The AWStats Referrers by Domain Plugin is available at no charge from InternetOfficer SPRL.

AWStats Referrers by Domain Plugin License


Please read the license terms above before you download the software. If you do not agree with these terms, do not download or use the software.

If you agree with these terms, you may download version 1.01 of the AWStats Referrers by Domain Plugin (Download Here).

Referrers must be enabled in your browser to download our program.


There are just two easy steps:

1. Copy the file that you have downloaded in the plugin directory of AWStats.

2. Add this line to your AWStats config file:

LoadPlugin="referring_domains_by_internetofficer 100 10"

The first number that follows the plugin name is the maximum number of domains that will appear in the new report section. The second number is the maximum number of subdomains that will be shown per subdomain. You can change these numbers at any time. The changes are immediately effective.

The plugin adds a link to “Referring domains” in the referrers menu. It also renames the ambiguous “Referring sites” link of AWStats in “Referring pages”.

Static HTML Reports

If you are using static HTML reports, the command that generates the report must include the -pluginmode option as follows:
perl /path_to_script/ -config=site_name -staticlinks -output
-pluginmode=referring_domains_by_internetofficer > /path_to_reports/awstats.site_name.referring_domains_by_internetofficer.html

Advanced Technical Details

In version 1.01, the plugin texts are available in English, French, German, Dutch and Russian. Support for other languages can be added in the internetofficer_language_extension_1 function at the end of the plugin.


– version 1.01: adds support of Russian language


For comments and questions, please use the AWStats Plugins Forum.