No project can be done alone.

We thank all the authors and organizations who create and support the software components we are using. We have modified various parts of these applications to make them better suit our needs. We added a few features and most probably a few glitches. is powered by WordPress, an excellent open source blogging software.

The Orange Sky theme for WordPress has been designed by Nao.

We believe that if a link is good enough for our visitors, it is good for search engines too. For this reason and also because we are grateful to the ones who contribute to the content of this web site with their comments, we use the “Follow URL” plugin (Strip “nofollow” tag from comment URLs) from Angsuman Chakraborty.

runPHP by James Van Lommel allow us to put our own PHP code into selected posts.

We use the Simple:Press Forum plugin for WordPress, created by Andy Staines. The default ‘Silk’ Icon Set was created by Mark James (fam fam fam). It includes Math Spam Protection based on code by Michael Woehrer (Software Guide) and Registration Blacklist based on WP-Deadbolt code by whoo (Village Idiot). Tabbed Admin uses Tabifier by Patrick Fitzgerald (BarelyFitz Designs).

We have added the Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin written by Michael Woehrer.