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statistic page layout

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10:40 am
September 7, 2007




 I'm 'playing' with awstats during the last 2 days, reading docs, building stats, …

I saw on the awstats demo that the "menu" is on the left of the page, but as results on my computer I get menu on the top of the page.

How can I do to present the page as displayed in the demo ? 


Thx for your help 

10:58 am
September 7, 2007



posts 1125


If you access the reports through the  application, you get the menu in a frame at the left side. If you create "static" reports (report_name.html), the menu is at the top and there is no drop down menu to go from one month to another.

11:27 am
September 7, 2007




 As you said, I can now see the drop down list for months but the menu is still on the top

Any idea ? 

Something special in the config ? 

11:37 am
September 7, 2007



posts 1125

You need to set the UseFramesWhenCGI option in the AWStats config file:


It is the default value, but maybe someone changed it in your setup.

12:11 pm
September 7, 2007



I'm really sorry but this is done : UseFramesWhenCGI=1

I'm using the 6.7 version. Is it the reason ? 

12:34 pm
September 7, 2007



posts 1125

This option works in 6.7 too.

You mean that there are no frames in your CGI pages although the option is set ?

Please make sure there is only one occurence of UseFramesWhenCGI  in the AWStats config file.

10:19 am
September 10, 2007



Yes, I looked into the generated html pages, and there is no frames.

 I activate the debug an dlooking into the perl script.

This line of code : 

if ($ENV{'GATEWAY_INTERFACE'} && $UseFramesWhenCGI && $HTMLOutput{'main'} && ! $PluginMode)

UseFramesWhenCGI =1
FrameName =
HTMLOutput-main =1
PluginMode-main =

After this line, $FrameName is set to main.

Is it normal ? I'm not sure.

Thks for your help. 

4:19 pm
September 21, 2007



Hey Jean-Luc.

Can you write to me, how i get the menu to the left side, the UseFramesWhenCGI is set to 1, but how i generate the pages, so it get the menu to left side. ??

I drive this 2 line from my unix :

buildStat :

perl /www/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/awsta -update -config=MYDOMAIN -LogFile
=/usr/local/logs/MYDOMAIN-access_log >
/dev/null 2> /dev/null

buildHTML :

perl /www/awstats/tools/awstats_buildst  -dir=/www/stat/MYDOMAIN/
-config=MYDOMAIN  -awstatsprog=/www/aws

Please help me


4:51 pm
September 21, 2007



posts 1125

The problem is that you generate reports as static HTML pages. You can only view the menu at the left side when you use AWStats as a CGI.

It means that must be available from your browser and that you have to enter a URL like the following in the address bar :

4:54 pm
September 21, 2007



But, how i do that. should i make the build line to another or. ??? Sorry, but i have no more ide, to what i have to do.

5:06 pm
September 21, 2007



posts 1125

You have to update (= build) the stats as you already do with :

perl /www/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update …

There is no need to use .

When the stats have been updated, you should be able to view them with :


This should work if your host accepts that you run Perl scripts.

5:21 pm
September 21, 2007



The server accepts me to run Perl scripts, i drive with my own unix server freebsd.

When i try this :

perl /www/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update -config=MYDOMAIN -LogFile=/usr/local/logs/MYDOMAIN-access_log > /dev/null 2> /dev/null

But when i try http:/<:em>/MYDOMAIN/cgi-bin/

The page Not Found

5:41 pm
September 21, 2007



posts 1125

Depending on your web server and on its configuration, you need to:

- make sure the web server is configured to run Perl scripts from the browser

- know which directories should be used for that (it is usually cgi-bin but it could be different)

- check what the path in the URL must be (web servers allow you to remap the path of some directories; this is called “alias” by Apache)

When this is done, it will work like a charm !

6:38 pm
September 21, 2007



Okay, i will try that.


Thanks for you you time and help .-)

9:53 am
September 23, 2007



Hey Jean-Luc.

I can not get the link to work, it say hole time "page not found"  i have try all now.



6:57 pm
September 27, 2007



Michael said:


But when i try http://MYDOMAIN/cgi-bin/

The page Not Found

Try this:



 All one line, of course. I had to break it for it to all show in the comment window.


4:16 am
December 18, 2009



It is possible to get the drop down menu, where you can select period, at the top of the generated static pages by patching AWStats.

Please refer to Installing Mulitple-Month Patch for AWStats for more information.

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statistic page layout

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