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Awstats – Multiple log file – Knowledgebase, how to? Request

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9:39 am
September 24, 2009



posts 6

Hi friends

I require to analyze the following log files: in Awstats 6.9 build – at ONE SHOT, NOT single file at a time








I request you all, to let me know, how to achieve the same (step by step)

what should be the command in the file:


(above to analyze single log file)

(below to analyze series of log files)

Logfile= ?

I really have to do this task ASAP, my job is on stake

Thanks in advance, regards


10:07 am
September 24, 2009



posts 1125

Hi John,

I am not sure to understand your message.

How to analyze a single log file is pretty basic. Please refer to this section of the AWStats documentation: Process logs: Building/updating statistics database.

To analyze a series of files, use . The documentation for this utility is available under Other utilities:

Give us more details if you need more help.

1:55 pm
September 24, 2009



posts 6

Hi Jean-Luc

Thanks for the information.

I want to analyze entire month logs (all at one time) not single file by file.

Example: Entire months MARCH logs

ex090301.log TO ex090331.log (all 31 log files)

what should be the configuration at conf =

LogFile=” ” (to analyze series of entire MARCH month logs)

LogFile=”E:\\Logs\\W3SVC1700423257\\ex090324.log” (single log file) = working fine

Please note:

One day's log file size is around 800 MB, if you recommend, imagine 800 MB X 30 days = 24 GB. I am wondering is it feasible?



2:09 pm
September 24, 2009



posts 1125

Try :

LogFile="C:\\path\\to\\ E:\\Logs\\W3SVC1700423257\\ex0903*.log |"

This way, you will pipe the output of logresolvemerge to AWStats directly without the need of a huge intermediate file.

2:59 pm
September 24, 2009



posts 6

Thanks for the information and advise. I will try this and inform you the result.

LogFile="C:\\path\\to\\  E:\\Logs\\W3SVC1700423257\\ex0903*.log |"

C:\\path\\to\\  = I request you to clarify, whether this C:\\path\\to\\ differes from system to system. Do I have to fill up some information at C:\\xxxxx(path)\\xxxx(to)\\ e:\\logs……

I want to clarify few things here:

1.Perl is installed in c:\\perl

2.awstats is installed at d:/program files

3. website directory is at d:/webdocs/

4. log files are available at e:/logs

please help, regards


3:18 pm
September 24, 2009



posts 1125

"C:\\path\\to\\"  was just an example and you need to replace it by the actual path to  in your system. Note that space characters are not allowed in this path.

I have no idea where this AWStats utility is installed in your system (it is often installed in a /tools  directory closed to the AWStats program directory). I am not even sure it is present in your system. If you do not have it, download the complete AWStats package from SourceForge and you find it under /tools .

9:07 am
September 25, 2009



posts 6

Thanks for the update.

Yes you are perfectly right, I found this under /tools, which is available in my system path as below

LogFile="E:\\tools\\ E:\\Logs\\W3SVC1700423257\\ex0903*.log |"

Will run this and share the result, thanks



3:06 am
September 26, 2009



posts 6

The command what I have executed to update awstat is = –update

d:/directoryname/subdirectoryname/cgi-bin> –update

The total log size is around 12 GB (23 days logs)

Let me watch, how much of time, does awstats take to analyze such huge logs.

I will update soon, once process is completed.



Sincere, Thanks to, one of the best KnowledgeBase web site for awstats know how.

10:33 am
October 12, 2009



posts 6

Update as on 12thOct09

Status of the case: SUCCESS

Topic: Awstats – Multiple log file – Knowledgebase, how to? Request

Solution provider & Project experT guidance from: Mr. Jean-Luc

IMP How to > Setup & configuration (Awstats 6.9):

Great Learnings as below:


LogFile=”E:\\tools\\ E:\\Logs\\W3SVC1700423257\\ex0903*.log |”

(the above command path defferes system to system)

Awstat tool Used:

Some Interesting stuff:

a. Large log files

b. size of logs is 15 GB

c. Time taken by Awstats to complete the analysis:

Analysis start time: 29th September 09

Completion time: 12th October 09

Round off approx time taken to analyze = 10 to 12 days.

(analysis time depends on capacity of the DESKTOP OR SERVER BOX)

Used In this project:

Pentium 4 DESKTOP, OS used, Windows Server 2003, Standard, IIS 6 logs

2.8 GHZ, 1 GB  RAM, 160 GB IDE HDD

Sincere thanks to my Awstats guru, Jean-Luc for all the guidance to achieve the above project

best regards


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Awstats – Multiple log file – Knowledgebase, how to? Request

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