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IIS hash marks cause awstats to skip subsequent records

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9:57 pm
August 30, 2007



I have AWSTATS 6.7 with all w3c extensions and custom formats plus query isolation reads running great on custom logformat with one caveat:

For what ever reason, IIS 6 is inserting hashed (#) comments throughout the log content, not just the top.

It appears that awstats terminates reading the log file upon hitting the second or third group of hashed comments.

I can't find a switch like SkipFile where AWSTATS would ignore record lines beginning with the hashmark (#) nor a plugin.

Since I copy the logs nightly over to a dedicated stats machine I attempted to write a perl script that would scrub these lines out. But alas my perl is about as good as my Latin and I don't speak Latin.

Has anyone faced this and resolved it or can give me some direction?



10:46 pm
August 30, 2007



posts 1125


This problem has not been reported earlier with AWStats 6.6 or older. It could be a new glitch introduced in 6.7.

Can you copy here the message you get, when doing the update that fails ? I guess that your dedicated stats machine runs under Windows; please confirm (just in case).


10:59 pm
August 30, 2007



There is no termination message. It just doesn't read lines after the second (or possibly later) group of hash marks.

I am fairly confident that I have just verified that on other sites where I am using the alternate log format of:

LogFormat="date time cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-username c-ip cs-version cs(User-Agent) cs(Referer) sc-status sc-bytes"

That the same is happening.

Without an errror message showing it is difficult to explain this. At first glance the output pages appear good until I noticed it looked significantly short.

I am not adverse to sending you the logs, conf's, etc. with my observations. I can send you a small log example off list if you wish. You can get my email from your records to respond to. Am graylisting, so resend in 10 to expedite. 


11:34 pm
August 30, 2007



posts 1125

You could run the AWStats update from the command line. At the end of the update, you would get a report. In your case, it will probably say that the number of "corrupted records" is very high.

There is even an option -showcorrupted that you can use in the update command to get a list of these corrupted records. This would put some light on your problem.

The command to run the AWStats update from the command line should look like:

perl -update 


perl -update -showcorrupted


11:42 pm
August 30, 2007



Interesting. I think you are onto it: newly introduced glitch. I don't know about 6.6 but I just ran same conf and batch file in an old awstats 6.1 and the report is fine and includes the missing records in 6.7.

I don't write perl so well, but I can read and edit. I'm going to see if I can find the difference in the process while I await your reply to my previous post.


8:04 am
August 31, 2007



I think you should remove that issue for now.

I think this is a matter of different FQDNs pointing to the same websites.

BUT I do have AWSTATS running great on IIS 6 with all W3C extended fields selected.

Thanks for your help and ear. Always helps to give things voice.


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IIS hash marks cause awstats to skip subsequent records

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