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Permission problems with AWStats

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4:35 am
May 4, 2008




posts 14

Hi again,

I have followed the guide once again by Simon Schofield

Installed as per guide and run Step 11 -Testing and Finishing with similar results.

The problem now is I receive a page can not be found 404 error when typing the following

I have added a file to which opens fine.

Adding to the documents tab of the cgi-bin directory didn’t help.

I’m not sure what permissions to allow for as it is now read only.

I would really appreciate some assistance

5:10 am
May 4, 2008



posts 1125

Please double-check the instructions in step 6. Is there any difference between your setup and the recommendations in the PDF document ?

I looked at your previous topic in the forum and I have two more questions to understand how far you reached:

  • what do you get when you run from the command line as indicated in the beginning of step 11 ?
  • what happens when you go to ?

5:44 am
May 4, 2008




posts 14

Hi Jean-Luc

Instructions in step 6 look identical.

Prevoius forum topics a little different. I completely removed AWStats and started over again.

Question1 – what do you get when you run from the command line as indicated in the beginning of step 11 ?

Phase 1 : First bypass old records, searching new records…..

Phase 2 : Now process new records

Jumped lines in file: 0

Jumped lines in file: 38

Found 1 dropped recors,

Found 3 corrupted records,

found 0 old records,

found 34 new qualified records.

Question 2 – what happens when you go to ?

404 error page can not be found.

Thanks again

7:44 am
May 4, 2008




posts 14


I believe i have a problem with the perl extension in IIS6.

I tried the following with the same 404 error.

I also noticed that i don't have an option for “Perl CGI Extension – Allowed” within my Web Service Extensions. I have only “All Unknown CGI Extensions – Prohibited”.

10:49 am
May 4, 2008



posts 1125


Your AWStats website directory is named C:\\InetPub\\wwwroot\\statistics or something similar. Are its permissions set for "read", "script" and "execute" ? Same question for the subdirectory where is located if it is a subdirectory.

My understanding is that the "Perl CGI Extension" option should become visible at the time you install Perl.

Please double-check the path to perl.exe (as specified in step 4).

Is the .pl extension in the list in step 5 ? If it is not, add it exactly as specified.

1:20 am
May 5, 2008




posts 14

Both AWStats directrory and the cgi-bin directory have “read” and “script and executable” permission.

The Perl CGI Extension doesn't show as a web service extension only

Perl-Allowed is in the web service extension list.

The path 2 the perl.exe within the website/mappings tab is as follows

.pl is the extension and the path is c:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe. “%s” %s

There is no .cgi extension listed anywhere in the mapping table.

When I get double click Perl under Web Service Extensions the required fields tab is listed as c:\\Perl\\bin\\perl.exe “%s”

There is both a perl.exe and a perl5.6.1 exe in the perl\\bin, not sure if i should be using the 5.6.1?

I tried serveral different permission but still get the 404 error.

I also removed the from the website/document tab as that also appeared to make no difference.

4:18 am
May 5, 2008



posts 1125

Perl 5.6.1 is an old release. This can be the reason why the Web Service Extensions are not as described in the documentation. I am not sure whether you need both "Perl" and "Perl CGI Extension" in order to run AWStats.

I believe that the "Executable path" in step 5 should be exactly the same as the "Path to file" in step 4. This should be corrected.

Did you restart IIS after making the changes ? To restart IIS, go to "Control Panel", then "Administrative Tools", then "Services" and, from "IIS Admin Service", click "Restart".

7:38 am
May 5, 2008




posts 14

Restarted IIS but still no luck.

Perl just doesn't appear to be configures correctly for IIS.

I have tested a few basic scripts and they all fail.

Guess I need to delete the .pl mapping and the Perl web service extension and try again.


I think I might remove the old perl installation and install 5.8 or 5.10.

Update : I have installed activeperl 5.10 and can now run .pl script from my virtual directory in IIS.

5:12 am
May 6, 2008




posts 14


I feel like jumping over the moon.

I finally have an AWStats statistics page for my website.

Thank you for your patience as it was a very long road.

I guess the new active perl done the trick.

Thank You

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Permission problems with AWStats

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