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Please Help Getting It To Run

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10:51 pm
November 9, 2008



This is harikrishnan,

I am facing one problem in the report. some of the days it showing '0' value and i have tried the command what u have given. But still it showing 0 value.

And the “update now” option is giving the following error.

Error: Couldn't open server log file “d:\\webspace\\indigo\\admin4radio\\\\log\\W3SVC9\\ex081110.log” : Permission denied

Kindly help me to sort out this issue.

Thanks in advance



1:50 am
November 10, 2008



posts 1125

There are two issues in your question:

1. As the problem appears from time to time, I would double-check the commands in the Task Scheduler. It seems that sometimes some of these commands are performed too early or too late.

2. This message means that either the attributes of the log file or log directory do not allow access from a “web user” (I am assuming that the log file address is correct).

3:44 am
November 10, 2008



Hi Jean Luc,

As per ur reply i came to know one thing. i havent done the schdule task. Now i have configured. Let me check.

On second thing i have given rights to web users for the log directory with file access.

One more i have tried as per ur instrucion by renaming the other data files and re-running of each day. its taking long time to update each day. means single day is taking for almost 30 mnts.

is there any other way to retrieve the old “0″ Value. ??

And Tell me how to i generate Stats output file. Then i can try is there any way to get that 0 value days on my output file

Waiting for ur reply!!!



4:28 am
November 10, 2008



posts 1125

You should not try to use the "update now" button if the update for one day lasts 30 minutes. It will most probably time out before the update is finished.

When the log files are very big, the update time can be long. Some AWStats configuration options significantly impact the update time.

To generate the stats output file, please read the update procedure explained in the AWStats documentation.

5:45 am
November 10, 2008



No Jean,

I am not using update now option any more. Bcoz it doesnt work for me. Instead of that i hv made schdule task. Believe its working fine.

But so for i couldnt retrieve my old 0 value data.

Kindly help me on that!!!


8:19 am
November 10, 2008



posts 1125


As you probably know, there are two steps to get the HTML static files: the first step is to update the AWStats database; the second step is to generate the static HTML report files from the AWStats database.

Are you saying that the first step is working fine now and that you are able to recreate each "lost" day in the AWStats database ? Please confirm.

Are you generating new incomplete static HTML files or aren't you able to generate any new static HTML file (check the date stamp of the files) ?

9:40 pm
November 10, 2008



Hi Jean,

I am not able to do the first step, updating awstats database and recreate the lost days.

I am able to create static pages for the month not for the particular day. So in that case also i am not able to get the lost days database. Even though i dont want static pages.

I believe u could understand what i have done and what i have not.


12:52 am
November 11, 2008



posts 1125

Let's check it step by step.

You wrote : "One more i have tried as per ur instrucion by renaming the other data files and re-running of each day. its taking long time to update each day. means single day is taking for almost 30 mnts. "

Please paste here the messages you get when you run the update for a missing day.

3:40 am
November 11, 2008


New Member

posts 1

Below error i hv got while trying for the missing data september 3,2008. still its showing 0 value

- -update -logfile=d:\\
Create/Update database for config “C:\\PROGRA~1\\ADVANC~1\\HOSTIN~1\\Awstats/awstats” by AWStats version 6.6 (build 1.887)
From data in log file “d:\\webspace\\indigo\\admin4radio\\\\log\\w3svc9\\
Phase 1 : First bypass old records, searching new record…
Direct access to last remembered record has fallen on another record.
So searching new records from beginning of log file…
Jumped lines in file: 0
Parsed lines in file: 5172
 Found 11 dropped records,
 Found 33 corrupted records,
 Found 5128 old records,
 Found 0 new qualified records.

4:05 am
November 11, 2008



posts 1125

AWStats does not find new qualified records because you did not rename (or move or delete) all other AWStats database files. These files are named awstatsMMYYYY.site_name.txt . You could just move them to another directory while you are doing the special updates.

To get a correct monthly report, you have to start at the first day of the month where there are missing days and update each day after the other till the end of the month. You need to do that for each month with missing days. You have to begin with the first month where there are missing days.

If this takes too much time, consider using  when you are 100% sure you understand how these updates have to be done.

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Please Help Getting It To Run

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