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Follow Me, click path analysis with AWStats

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7:25 am
September 24, 2010



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We have released the Follow Me plugin for AWStats. It does click path analysis. This can be most useful for marketeers and webmasters in general who want to better understand what their visitors do on their website.

This release includes texts in English, French and Dutch. If you translate the texts in another language, feel free to post the translation here and we will be pleased to add it in the next release.

Comments and suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

5:57 am
November 25, 2010


New Member

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Thanks for the plugin.  My log file records host IP and  I have activated reverse DNS lookup for AWStats.  When I click on the zoom link, the url parameter host contains the hostname but because my log contains IP, the plugin is unable to match the records.  If I manually replace the value of the host url parameter with the ip, then it works.


My other suggestion is to add options / parameters to follow me to allow the admin to specify whether the plugin should obey the following AWstats options:

  • NotPageList
  • OnlyFiles
  • SkipFiles




9:40 am
November 25, 2010



posts 1125

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the suggestions. Quite interesting ! I will look into this and get back to you here in the coming days.

11:49 am
December 17, 2010



posts 1125


I still believe that your suggestions are excellent, even if we did not implement them yet. We intend to make the plugin fully aware of the parameters in the AWStats config file. However this development is going to take some time and I cannot give an availability date.

In the mean time, specifically reagarding the NotPageList  directive, you can edit two lines in the FollowMe plugin to redefine $mask_media_extension  and $mask_misc_extension . In version 1.20, the lines to edit are lines 203 and 205.

2:01 pm
January 21, 2011



New Member

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First, thank you and congratulations for this wonderful plugin !

I have the same problem than kkchan, as a quick fix waiting for a proper fix I made the following changes to restore the IP address from the resolved host :

—        2011-01-21 13:46:13.441618617 +0100
+++     2011-01-21 02:47:24.922211933 +0100
@@ -109,9 +109,20 @@
                if ($host eq '__title__') {
                        print '<th width="40">' . $plugin_message{'Follow Me'} . '</th>' ;
                } elsif ($host) {
+$filename = '/var/lib/awstats/dnscachelastupdate.' . $SiteDomain . '.txt';
+if (open(FILE, $filename)) {
+       while(<FILE>)
+       {
+               chomp;
+               @fields = split('t', $_);
+               if (lc($fields[2]) eq $host) { $host = $fields[1]; }
+       }
+       close FILE;
                        print "<td>";
                        print '<a href="' . $AWScript . '?config=' . $SiteConfig . '&amp;pluginmode=follow_me_by_internetofficer&amp;host=' . $host
                        . ($Lang ? '&amp;lang=' . $Lang : '') . '" target="_blank">' . $plugin_message{'Zoom'} . '</a>' ;


It is far from being perfect, because it reads the whole dnscache file for every row, and I am not sure the file location is always the same, but it works 🙂


Based on this plugin, I also wrote another one called "Who Visited" which is the counterpart of "Follow Me" : for a given URL, it shows the list of hosts that visited it. But this one is very dirty, and it doesn't ignore search engines robots. But I find it very useful, maybe you can write a similar plugin ?

Mine is available at…



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Follow Me, click path analysis with AWStats

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