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3:24 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 19


I have the following LogFile string configured in my config file:

et\\cgitools\\ D:\\LogsW
g D:\\LogsWebtrends\\W3SVC2\\ex%YY-24%MM-2
4%DD-0*.log D:\\LogsWebtrends\\FromWebTes
t02\\ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-0*.log |"

Am I correct in understanding that

1) All log files in each of the above paths should be merged into one and then processed upon update?

2) If item "1″ above is true, that I should be able to see the corresponding months displayed under "Monthly History?

Presently, I'm just seeing this month's log files displayed.

As always,

3:59 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 1125


It is true that all selected log files will be merged, but you are not going to get what you expect.

ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-24  is ex100512  on May 13, 2010. On May 12, it was ex100511 . On May 1st, it was ex100430 .

So this is not going to read log files from several months as it only reads the log files of the day before.

In fact, you are using something slightly different: ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-0* . ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-0* is ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-0  followed by any character.

ex%YY-24%MM-24%DD-0  is ex100513  on May 13, 2010. On May 12, it was ex100512 . On May 1st, it was ex100401 . Certainly not what you intended.

4:45 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 19

Ok so, am I correct in understanding the below mask should read log files that are named something like "ex100306.log" ?


5:05 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 1125

This mask will read the file named "ex100306.log" if you run the update on March 6.

CORRECTION: my previous answer is confusing and not correct. You can only specify one log file with the LogFile directive in the AWStats config file. To specify several log files, you need to use , an AWStats utility included in the AWStats package.

5:26 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 19

I think I may have a misconception regarding what log files awstats reads.

In my mind, I'm thinking that I can copy over let's say 6 months of old webtrends log files into a particular directory ( separate from my regular log files which are in another directory ), include that directory in my LogFile string and expect awstats to read all those logs in addition to my regular log files and show me the resulting report.

Am I right on this?

The reason I ask is because in the LogFile string I posted earlier above, it seems like only the first path is being processed, which is where my regular log files are stored.

5:50 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 1125

I have corrected my previous posts. Sorry for the confusion I created.

You can find more information about at…..solvemerge.

5:55 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 19

I looked at the link you posted and it seems like that is what I have.  I start my LogFile string with D:\\Inetpubwwwroot\\\\cgitools\\ followed by a space delimited list of directories that contain the additional log files.

What am I missing?

6:15 pm
May 13, 2010



posts 1125

Oops. It's not my day. You are right: logresolvemerge is already used in your LogFile directive. So my corrections above were not needed.

Getting back to your question, I believe that you should probably not use masks like ex%YY-0%MM-0%DD-0  if you want to merge all files in a given directory. Just use ex1003*.log  to read all files dated March 2010 or ex10*.log  for all files of 2010. Masks like %YY-…%MM-…%DD-…  should only be used when you want to read the file of one specific day closed to the date of today.

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