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Meaning of Hits and Pages and its difference?

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11:32 am
March 9, 2010



posts 4

Hi there,

using AWStats on a content management system with dynamic pages and restriced access via authentification by cookies the following questions came up:

a) What counts as a page?

Every file which is not mentioned in parameter SkipFiles? (Parameter OnlyFiles contains several directories).

b) What counts as a hit?

c) What is the difference between counted pages and hits?

I am a bit irritated about the following:

I log in, see the very first page and logout. AWStats shows 3 pages and 5 hits.

After updating AWStats I repeat it from the same IP, same browser within the same browser "session".

AWStats now shows 6 pages and 9 hits.

The URLs were the same (there is nothing appended to the URLs, for e.g. a session id.).

can someone help me a bit or point me in the right direction?

thx Smile


12:02 pm
March 9, 2010



posts 1125

Hi joema,

a) The address of a page is a URL that does not have an extension listed in the NotPageList  directive in your AWStats config file.

b) The address of a hit is any URL.

c) I do not understand what you mean under c).

URL's excluded because of SkipFiles  or OnlyFiles  are not counted in "pages" or "hits". You cannot use both SkipFiles  and OnlyFiles  in the same config file.

2:10 pm
March 9, 2010



posts 4

Hi Jean-Luc,

thx for answering.

About c) :

When I visit 3 pages and each of them twice I would expect that AWStats shows 3 pages and 3 hits after the first visit. After the second visit I would expect 3 pages and 6 hits.

What I've seen is that AWStats show 6 pages and 9 hits after two visits. (No other visitors were shown in the logfile.)

The URLs of the pages were identical on each visit.

To me it seems AWStats increased the amount of pages in the meaning of hits.

That's why I asked for the difference between hits and pages.

Hmmm… is it a bit more clear?

Thx for the hint of using SkipFiles and OnlyFiles in one config file. I didn't realize that. Smile



2:23 pm
March 9, 2010



posts 1125

You should be able to clarify the matter by comparing the changes in the AWStats report and the lines in the log file.

A page can contain several images and there are usually related .css and/or .js files. Say that the page contains 2 images and that there is one css file. Then when you visit the page, you will get +1 page and +4 hits. The next time you visit the page, some files can be taken from the cache of your navigator, so you only get +1 page and +1 hit. Again this will appear in the same way in the log file.

11:14 am
March 10, 2010



posts 4

Hi Jean-Luc

thx for figuring out that stuff. Indeed there was a URL that was not excluded by SkipFiles.

Just to make sure that I understand right:

If a URL is visited twice both counter, for pages and hits, are increased by 1?

(Assuming the logfile shows that this URL and response code (200) from webserver are identical and the logfiles entries differ only in the timestamp.)



11:44 am
March 10, 2010



posts 1125

In my previous post, I was giving an example. The number of hits might be different depending on the page, the server and the navigator setup.

When a page is visited for the second time, the counter for pages is increased by one and the counter for hits is increased by one or more if hits on other files are required by the processing of the page in the navigator. I hope this is more clear.

11:49 am
March 10, 2010



posts 4

Now I got it.

Thank your very much. Smile



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Meaning of Hits and Pages and its difference?

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