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Solution to update Missing Days

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12:06 am
July 4, 2009



posts 7

We are using Awstats for 30 domains. So we have 30 Awstats config file and updating automatically.To process  one day log it took nearly 8 to 10 hrs because our log file is very large.Unfortunately each and month we are missing one day or two day stats in awstats report.We don't have jun 3 stats but Awstats already build jun 30 2009 , but 3-jun-2009 was messing in the awstats report. I want to update the date 3-jun only. I know that the biggest limitation of awstats is it does not does.removing the current month Awstats data base and updating from june 1 to 30 again for 30 domain will take too much time. Here i am trying to get the missing day in different way,it processing the day but does not give expected result(gives low visitors). what i am doing is just I am modifying the "Last Line" and "Last Time" in awstats data base file to 2-jun-2009 "Last Line" and "Last Time" . What exactly i am doing is first I restore  jun 30th "Last Line" and "Last Time" and manually getting "Last Line" and "Last Time" value in jun 2 log file and updating the values in "Last Line" and "Last Time" then updating  2-jun 2009 .It is updating but it does not give expected values.Any suggestion will appreciate.

2:45 am
July 4, 2009



posts 1125


I have been successfully using a very similar method, several times. Here are the steps in details :

Say that the AWStats database file of June contains this :

LastLine 20090630235458 537 166221 53596298801
FirstTime 20090601044703
LastTime 20090630213242
LastUpdate 20090701004411 537 0 537 0 0
TotalVisits 452
TotalUnique 380
MonthHostsUnknown 401

Assuming June 3 was missing, I edit the file as follows :

LastLine 20090602235959 537 166221 53596298801
FirstTime 20090601044703
LastTime 20090602235959
LastUpdate 20090602235959 537 0 537 0 0
TotalVisits 452
TotalUnique 380
MonthHostsUnknown 401

Now I run the update from the June 3 log file.

Results seemed okay.

Theoretically, you could have some small errors in the number of visits and in the calculation of visit durations, but in percentage terms, this is definitely neglectable.

What do you mean when you say that you did not get the expected values ? When updating June 3, you finally got a message stating "Found XYZ new qualified records". Is this XYZ value not the expected one ?  Or are these XYZ hits not found where you expected them in the report ? Or are you talking about something else when you speak of "unexpected values" ? Please clarify.

4:27 am
July 4, 2009



posts 7

Thanks for your time.

Yes.I have some errors in the number of visits.  Here I am testing the way is correct or not. So i already have the stat of june-4,5,6. see the stat

                         visits    pages       hits         BW
04 Jun 2009    6062    487307    632697    4.00 GB
05 Jun 2009    5753    476390    632430    3.98 GB
06 Jun 2009    7208    609755    793510    5.00 GB

Then created separate configuration file and run Awstat for only 4 and 6

                        visits    pages        hits         BW

04 Jun 2009    6053    486656    631438    3.99 GB
05 Jun 2009    120       645         1027        5.50 MB
06 Jun 2009    7202    609217    792802    4.99 G

Then i am updating 5-jun, like you explained previous mail .

                        visits     pages       hits         BW
04 Jun 2009    6059    487307    632697    4.00 GB
05 Jun 2009    4950    476466    632611    3.98 GB
06 Jun 2009    7202    609217    792802    4.99 GB

see the difference in visits on 5-june .it gives 800 visits low.Is it resonable? I am expecting I will come around 5500, then I am OK. Is it possible to get the more exact visit?

How Awstats calculates visits?

Thanks & Rg

Mohan L

11:57 am
July 4, 2009



posts 1125

Did you compare the numbers of unique visitors  as reported in your first stats about June 4-5-6 and as reported in the other stats when you added June 5 afterwards ? You should get exactly the same numbers there.

Within AWStats, counting visits  is more complicated than counting unique visitors . When defining visits , the AWStats Glossary explains :

Think "session" here, say a unique IP accesses a page, and then requests three others without an hour between any of the requests, all of the "pages" are included in the visit, therefore you should expect multiple pages per visit and multiple visits per unique visitor (assuming that some of the unique IPs are logged with more than an hour between requests)

I suspect that, when counting visits  after you patched the database files, AWStats could make mistakes because some visits  ("sessions") in the future could be confused with a "session" on June 5, thus an underestimate of the real number of visits . This underestimate should be more important in websites where the same visitors visit the site day after day, while it would be neglectible in many websites where most visitors come once and rarely come back.

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Solution to update Missing Days

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