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For each page in its search engine result pages, Google tries to show the most informative title and description. To achieve this goal, Google uses three sources of information:

  • title and description copied from the Google Directory (based on DMOZ)
  • title and description found in the HTML headers of the page
  • title and snippet extracted from the text of the page

More people will click on a link with an appealing title and description. In an article titled “Improve snippets with a meta description makeover“, Google insists that we write quality non-redundant descriptions.

Optimize the title and the description

When Google decides to use the text of your META “Description”, it will not be able to show all the description if it is too long. It is useful to optimize the visible part of the META “Description”. This is true for the title too. If it is too long, Google will truncate it and only a part of it will appear in the SERP’s.

We have analyzed hundreds of result pages to understand how Google truncates the title and the description in its result pages.

How will my page appear in the SERP’s ?

Check what Google could show from your title and description with our tool: if the result is not attractive or not clear enough, edit the title and the description in the HTML header of your page and test it again. An easy and effective optimization that can increase the CTR of your important pages !

Enter the URL:

Technical limitations

Google algorithms are complex and often changing. We cannot guarantee that our tool will be perfectly accurate in all cases.

This tool is designed to optimize pages in English. It does not support foreign character sets.

18 Responses to “Snippet Optimizer”

  1. David says:

    Great Meta Description site test.

    Many thanks

  2. David DeAngelo says:

    Excellent tool. For those who would like to make the best use of the title this tool is it. We only have a limited amount of charactors we could have in the title, and its best to place keywords for which we would like to rank higher on. To wards the end of the title, we stand a risk of having a word get cut off because of the limited space. Use this snippet optimiser tool to find out you’re valuable keywords are being trimmed. If so, change, reaarange, test using this tool.

    I have to say that I have found the description in the meta tags does make a difference in ranking (through my own experimentation). So again optimise your description with keywords (obviously consider click through rate, so make sure your description is readable and not just keyword crammed).

  3. Rajan says:

    Simulated Google Snippet???

    It doesn’t show anything between the title and url if the page contains no description; however, google used to show some contents from the page contents. You should probably include them too…

  4. Tools King says:

    I see … (three dots) at the end of the result; and in google result page too; does it mean that I should reduce the size of my title tag?

  5. Jean-Luc says:

    If you use a long title, expect that the words at the end of the title (replaced by …) do not carry much SEO value anyway. It is probably better to make your title shorter.

  6. jean zetrys says:

    I just tested several site of mine and I am now able to find the weakness of my meta description. Thanks for this nice snippet optimizer.

  7. Karim Assir says:

    My site’s tags show up on this tool, but not on Google search. In fact no description or title shows up when you search for my site on Google. I’ve installed two plugins now, and the description and title I’ve put in show up on your tool, but still not on Google, any ideas why? Would appreciate the help.

  8. Jean-Luc says:

    Hi Karim Assir,

    I checked your home page in Google and I got exactly the same title and snippet as in this tool.

  9. manon says:


    When I test my web page on google search, I didn’t have the same results as The snippet optimizer.

    Does anywone knows why?

    Thanks a lot

  10. Jean-Luc says:

    Bonjour Manon,

    As pointed out at the beginning of this page, Google does not always use the content of the “meta description” of a page. There can be several reasons for that.

    Google wants that the snippet is as informative as possible. In your case, the reason can be that your description is too short (it is even shorter than the page title).

    Test de TITLE et META “description” is a French version of this page, with support of French characters in the title and snippet.

  11. manon says:

    Thanks Jean-Luc,

    It’s really cool to make the test in French version!

    I will try to make my description longer than my title for all of my web pages.

    It will be a beginning…

    Have a nice week-end

  12. bLaze says:

    this is so coool! thanks! now i can see how my meta title and description looks like. I’ve been wondering how Google truncate my snippet if i’ve gone beyond some characters.. =)

  13. HDTV Prices says:

    Useful simulator, although I’m trying to find out the criteria for hdtvprices to show google sitelinks? Those being the structure for fast navigation when someone queries to find a subject within a site. E.g Compare 32″ LCD is the most common. Which could look like so.

    HDTV Prices
    Compare 32″ Plasma Review
    Offers Discount Codes
    (The indentation may not be kept.)


  14. kiran voleti says:

    Its a useful simulation tool.


  15. Andy says:

    Useful too. But when I tried my blog, the description does not appear. Which is different from how Google display my blog on their result page. I understand that there is no Meta description in my blog. But it would be useful if a snippet of my blog be shown.

  16. Ben PC says:

    Thanks for this.

    One minor bug though: the tool still recognises Meta tags within HTML comments.

    Since I am testing out my meta description tags, I have an old tag commented on the page I submitted for testing.

    The tool comes back with “There are 2 META descriptions in the page. There should only by one.” (highlighted in red).

    Not that it matters much, but thought you’d like to know 🙂

    merci beaucoup encore for providing this, appreciated

  17. pushpinder says:


  18. Forbrukslån says:

    Great tool, but do not do https (and neither does the rest of the tools here). Any plans to create https support?


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