Regular Expression Tester

Regular expressions are everywhere in our programs and configuration files. Testing them is far from obvious. Sometimes you even need to restart a program, wait for an external event or reboot a server to run a new test.

This tool makes it possible to simultaneously test a regular expression on five character strings and to immediately view the results, including the captured elements.

View here the result of a Regex Test Example.

Regex Test


Options: Make the comparison case-insensitive       
String 1:
String 2:
String 3:
String 4:
String 5:

Regular expressions are not always interpreted in the same way by different systems. We use Perl-style regular expressions. If your system uses another style of regular expressions, the results of this test could be different from the results in your application.

The fast and easy regular expression test tool

With our tool, you can easily and rapidly test regular expressions. Five different target strings can be checked in one test.

5 Responses to “Regular Expression Tester”

  1. Pat says:

    Itz nice that you allow 5 strings…

  2. Mom says:

    Tested pattern: {"abd", "abef", "cd", "cef"}
    Applied options: none
    String 1: a
    Result : false
    String 2: av
    Result : false
    String 3: ab
    Result : false
    String 4: cef
    Result : false
    String 5: cd
    Result : false

    I’m not sure if your results are correct?

  3. Jean-Luc says:

    The results are correct. The pattern you tested would match a string like this one: xyz{"abd", "abef", "cd", "cef"}123

  4. Charlie says:

    You igore blank input field – which is understandable, but means that I can’t check if an empty string also matches my reg. exp. (e.g., [0-9]{0,5}) for 0 to 5 digits instead of 1 to 5. Not hard by itself, but in combination with other patterns it can be useful to test that.

  5. Ahmad says:

    is there a tool that takes the string from me and the expected output after applying the Regular expression and it returns the regular expression itself ?


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