Owner of the robot : Kavam, Inc.

Country : USA

Robot type : search engine

Description : A web index, in construction, whose purpose is to provide a simple method for consumers to define their own search engines.

User Agent transmitted to the visited web server :

  • KavamRingCrawler (paul@kavam.com)
  • KavamRingCrawler paul@kavam.com


IP address range : from to ()

URL for more information :

Access control options understood by the robot :

    User Agent to use in the robots.txt file :

    Last visit of this robot logged in November 2005.
    Other informations updated on November 9, 2005.

    3 Responses to “Kavam”

    1. Martin says:

      Now in the Summer I can found this as reference

      04 Aug, Sat, 14:25:24
      Organization : Kavam
      Browser : Firefox 2
      Operating System : Linux
      Country : United States
      Screen Resolution :
      State / Region : California
      Screen Color : 16 Bit (65K)
      City : San Jose
      Javascript : Enabled

      and visiting some Domains, who knows more?

      greetings Martin

      CMA chirimoya tours peru

    2. Mike Gilbert says:

      They have been hitting our website consistently every four or five days over the last couple of months.

      Found the following on a bio.
      (Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Internet industry)
      June 2006 – August 2006 ( 3 months)
      •In charge of developing and implementing web-analytics tools to optimize the website.
      •Developed protocol for beta-testing of the website.

      Appears to be related to the company Searchme, Inc.. Same founders and investors.

    3. Jill says:

      I just discovered this traffic this morning and wrote a blog article about it here: http://aldebaranwebdesign.com/blog/kavam-limelight-network-searchme-robot-website-traffic/

      I’ve modified my Robots.txt file accordingly but am also contacting my traffic tracking company, because usually robots are not shown in statistics.

      Thanks for having this blog article!