Wikia Grub

Owner of the robot : Wikia Inc.

Country : USA

Robot type : search engine

Description : Wikia combines human collaboration and open source search software. Wikia Search Alpha uses Lucene search technology from the Apache Software Foundation and Grub .

Grub, as created in 2000 by LookSmart, was a proprietary distributed computing platform, crawling the web from a large number of diverse client machines, using otherwise unused bandwidth and computer cycles. The LookSmart Grub project was no longer operational.

    User Agent transmitted to the visited web server :

    • Grub/2.0 ( crawler;;

    IP address range :

    • from to (
      (last visit in April 2008)

    Access control options understood by the robot : unknown

    User Agent to use in the robots.txt file : unknown

    URL’s for more information :