WordPress Plugins

Remove Canonical

The canonical link element is automatically added by WordPress since version 2.9. Many advanced users do not want WordPress to interfere with their SEO efforts. Our Remove Canonical Plugin disables the automatic insertion of the canonical link element.

Search Pages

We were among the happy users of the original Search Pages plugin developed by David B. Nagle until WordPress came up with a new version that was not compatible with the plugin. As David had other priorities, we decided to look at the problem.

Here is our Search Pages 2.3 WordPress Plugin.

This new release is compatible with WordPress 2.3. It replaces our former Search Pages 2.0 Plugin.

2 Responses to “WordPress Plugins”

  1. Amir says:

    Thanks for the plugin! it is great! Amir

  2. Xu says:

    I use WordPress 2, and your plugin doesn’t seem to work in it.

    Question moved to our Search Pages forum: not working with WordPress 2.


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