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AWStats reports usually show statistics collected during a calendar month, but there is an almost secret feature that allows to get reports generated on a daily basis. This feature is not fully supported by AWStats and that is probably the reason why it is not actively promoted.

How to generate daily data base files

You need to add the databasebreak=day option to the AWStats update command. The command will look like this:

perl -update -databasebreak=day

How to view the report for a given day

The databasebreak and day options must both be used in the command line. The value of databasebreak must be day and the value of day must be the day of the month. The address bar will show:

Improve readability of the daily report

You can theoretically use the same AWStats configuration file for the monthly statistics and for the daily statistics. As some data do not make sense for daily stats, it is recommended to remove them from the daily reports. In the AWStats config file for the daily reports, we replace:




In fact, we recommend to remove even more data from the daily reports and to keep only the data which are of interest for a daily monitoring.

Combining daily and monthly stats

We have developed the AWStats Day by Day add-on. It is a set of JavaScript routines to easily switch from daily to monthly AWStats reports and back or from one day to another, in the top section of the AWStats report.

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  1. Rajan Singh says:

    I want my AWstats report between 2 given days,
    If any one have any solution regarding this please let me know.


    Question edited by admin and moved to our AWStats forum: stats between two days.


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